Why is Tanglin Shopping Centre Unique?

Tanglin Shopping Centre is a refreshingly unique shopping joint in the heart of Singapore’s most popular Orchard Road District. It’s a commercial property enjoying a favourable location at 19, Tanglin Road, in the famous District 10. Majorly used for mall shop sale and rental, Tanglin Shopping complex is indeed one of the major haunts for both local and foreign shoppers in Singapore.

This mall is considered as a member of the popular belt of shopping complexes along the bustling and vibrant Orchard Road stretch. It also enjoys an impeccable rate of traffic on a daily basis.

What makes Tanglin Shopping Centre unique?

Strategically located at the junction of Grange Road and Tanglin Road, the mall is set in an eclectic background of tropical and colonial architecture. This reflects the ambiance of comfort and warmth, making Tanglin Shopping Mall a niche for the yuppies, professionals, and expatriates as well.

It’s a four-story building that is believed to be a one-stop lifestyle mall with more than 71 different shops and restaurants. The mall perfectly caters to the affluent catchment of about one million residents in the surrounding districts.

When you visit this shopping center, you can opt for the exciting and interesting eateries like Bari-Uma Ramen, Makan Place Cafe and more. Remember, a plethora of fashion retail options awaits every type of shopper at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Some of the popular fashion shops include Gaga Fashion, Carvette Fashion, Justmen’s Shop Pte Ltd, and more.

You may also choose from a host of home décor and home improvement shops including Thrive Design and Trading, Treasure Trove, and more. Besides, you can add multiple dollops and dashes of varied colors and styles to your living space with exquisitely-crafted carpets from different merchants including Mohammed Akhtar Carpets, Samad Oriental Carpets Pte Ltd, Hassan’s Carpets, and more.

Don’t be surprised that Tanglin Shopping Centre is also a home to countless shops selling antiques and art pieces. You can find top quality antiques, and artwork from popular stores such as Asia Ancient, Antiques Asian, Asian Legends, Hai Hui Art Gallery, and Echo Art Gallery are so enthralling and captivating, making this shopping mall a perfect shopping for people looking for Asia antiques and artwork.

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