As a commercial property, Tanglin Shopping Centre is not very far away from the Central Business District. Its primary use is for mall shop rental and sale. The Centre is a 12-storey office as well as shopping complex having exclusive office lift lobby. Tanglin Shopping Centre has over 300 car park lots both at the multi-storey annexe car park and the podium basement.

Popular eateries around Tanglin Shopping Centre can be found in buildings like Tanglin Mall and Tanglin Place. Besides, Tanglin Shopping Centre is not far away from Jason’s, The Gourmet Grocer, Cold Storage Supermarkets, Paragon Market Place, and La Tanglin Boulangerie.

Tanglin Shopping Centre is packed with multifarious products like exotic regional arts and artefacts, artwork, antiques, home décor, hand-woven carpet, and jewellery. It is possible to spend several days walking through Tanglin Shopping Centre appreciating items that create nostalgic feelings and bring back fond memories.

Besides, you can find professional tailors, supermarkets, medical services, dental services, refreshing spas, and food. Furthermore, child care development, taekwondo, dance and music classes, and tuition centres for every level of education are available within Tanglin Shopping Centre.

Tanglin Shopping Centre has a grocery store that sells various expat items, hence it is not strange that expats spend a lot of their time here. If you are an expat and wish to have items from home, Tanglin Shopping Centre has them in abundance. The eateries in Tanglin Shopping Centre specializes in Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian cuisines.

Families and young couples enjoy their time here to discover interesting items. Discover for yourself what this building has to offer.

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